Mid-Michigan Vulvar Care & Colposcopy Center

Michigan's only dedicated Vulvar Disease, Vulvodynia, Abnormal Pap Smear and Colposcopy clinic

Mid-Michigan Vulvar Care

Vulvar Disease

Mid-Michigan Vulvar care is the culmination of the life long research of Dr. Fellenbaum. Patients are often misdiagnosed or worse yet not examined for diseases associated with the Vulva. Some women deal with vulvar diseases their whole life even if they frequently visit gynecologist because their is limited awareness in the medical community about the subject. Gynecologists and Family Care Physicians refer their patients to Mid-Michigan Vulvar Care from all of Michigan and the surround states; we even manage Canadian patients for vulvar diseases as well.



Sometimes women struggle with painful sex without realizing its the symptom of a rare diagnosis called Vulvodynia. At Mid-Michigan Vulvar Care we have not only a member of the National Vulvodynia Association but one of the highest contributors to its research Theodore Fellenbaum, MD. Studies have shown that one in four women experience chronic vulvar pain their lives yet only about one in a hundred are treated for it. Often times women are embarrassed by their vulvar pain but our clinic is sensitive to the subject and there to help.



A Colposcopy is a procedure used to view the vulva, vagina, and cervix for signs of disease. We use a special magnifying device that is superior to any other Colposcopes in both hospital or private practice in Genesee County. At Mid-Michigan Vulvar Care we not only use the Colposcope to diagnose disease but educate our patients through their unique images. When patients get an abnormal pap smear a physician uses Colposcopy to aid in the detection of cervical cancer or other such indications of illness.

Dr. Theodore Fellenbaum

For thirty years Dr. Fellenbaum has led the research of Vulvar Disease, Vulvodynia, and Colposcopy. He began his research with researching INTER-STIM use in the treatment of Refractory Vulvodynia. He also won the Dr. Stanley C. Marinoff Vulvodynia Career Development Award for “creating a community based multidisciplinary Vulvodynia and Vulvar Disease Center. In Michigan the only institute that measures up to Dr. Fellenbaum's expertise is the University of Michigan Health System but doesn't have the level of accessibility we offer at Mid-Michigan Vulvar Care.

Hospital Affiliations

Our physicians are affiliated with all three hospitals in Genesee County in an effort to better serve our patients: