3D & 4D Ultrasound

Only our facility and Hurley Medical Center has a 4D ultrasound machine of such caliber in Genesee County. Our 2014 GE Voluson is capable of performing 4D & 3D image and video, heart beat audio, and the latest in practical gynecological measurements. Our patients are guaranteed to have access to the highest quality medical equipment and the most skilled sonographers. Many physicians and novelty ultrasound stores refer patients to our clinic solely for the use of the our Ultrasound. 


4D ultrasound technology has created an opportunity for many sonography businesses that perform “novelty ultrasounds” to be created. The amazing new technology enable patients to see lifelike images of your unborn baby. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, we offer you the ability to see your baby in the womb. We may offer the similar products such as DVD's or thumb-drives of the images; however, there is a significant different between 4D ultrasound novelty companies and our practice.

  • Our sonographers have a minimum of 24 years of experience, while most novelty ultrasound techs are fresh out of school
  • Most 4D Ultrasound companies give their patients one or two 30 minute ultrasound visits however our patients average 120 minutes of routine ultrasounds and 30 minutes for their 4D Keepsake.
  • When there happens to be an abnormality with your pregnancy it seems mothers are best served by having their ultrasounds reviewed by experienced obstetricians than none at all
  • All ultrasounds performed except the 4D keepsake ultrasound more than likely covered by an insurance plan
  • Our ultrasound is designed for high grade medical diagnostics not novelty production

We have teamed up with Creative Printing & Graphics to provide a direct and HIPAA compliant conduit for preparing baby shower invitations, 4D baby pictures, etc…. We want you to be able to share with your family and future child this beautiful experience. Patients can order printing packages with much less hassle and complete customization. Many patients place orders at the beginning of their third trimester and have them shipped directly from the printing company.